Invoice Payments

Settle thousands of invoices via bank transfer or card payment with the push of a button

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Settle thousands of invoices via bank transfer or card

Unlock extra revenue

Earn a rebate on every invoice payment settled via card

Built for scale

Whether you need to process 1 invoice or 1000, our platform is built to help you scale

Save time and resource

Process thousands of invoices quickly and effectively, so you can do more with the time that you have


Keep all your transactions in one place whether you use virtual cards or bank transfers

Secure payments

Create unique virtual cards for every purchase and minimise your exposure to fraudulent attacks

Complete control

Set spending limits on your cards so you never go over budget, cancel and create cards at any time
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Flexibility and control over your invoice payments

With our Invoice Payments solution, settling your invoices has never been simpler. Say goodbye to clunky and manual processes – with Pax2pay there is an easier, faster, and more secure way.

By leveraging our Invoice Payments solution, you can settle your invoices with Virtual Cards or Bank Transfer. Simply select which option works for you and get going.

Virtual cards

Unlocking all the benefits of extra security and simpler reconciliation while converting payments that cost money, to payments that generate revenue.

Whether you want to manually create cards to send to your supplier, or upload a file and batch send multiple cards to multiple suppliers – we’ve got you covered.

Our platform is built to scale elastically, from 1 payment to 100,000 simultaneously.

Bank Transfer

Keep all your payments in one place and leverage our in-platform bank transfer capabilities. Whether you need Faster Payments (GBP) or SEPA instant (EUR), we’ve got you covered.

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